Boom boom…Ooo, pretty mama!

We debated for a few days as to whether or not we should brave the crowds and traffic to take our girl to see fireworks. She witnessed fireworks last year after a Riverdog’s baseball game. Let’s just say it wasn’t long before we were hiding in the gift shop because she did not dig the booms.

However, we decided to go for it. After traveling around looking for a prime spot, we got lucky with a bit of lawn right beside the baseball stadium where they were going to be going off…of course we paid for parking ;-) It was a gorgeous evening, a great breeze kept the critters and usually copious sweat away…so we waited…


Faint stadium lights and a camera wide open make for some funky, noisy, blurry images…Please meet my zombie daughter…



Stadium lights go out and…


The wee one battled with the dislike of the booms and the prettiness of the sparkles. So she sometimes looked like this…

…if her head wasn’t buried in my shoulder or if she wasn’t covering her eyes. But we did hear “Oooo, pretty mama” a few times ;-)

I love these!

I don’t believe our little bird was too traumatized. I actually did get some video of the fireworks which kept her occupied for a while when we were stuck in post baseball/fireworks traffic. And she’s till asking for more ;-)

Hope you all enjoyed your friends and family on yesterdays holiday!

;-) Anna-Leigh



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2 Responses to Boom boom…Ooo, pretty mama!

  1. Connie says:

    Even if I can’t be there I get to see her amazed expression via your BLOG!

  2. we have yet to see Charleston fireworks but I’m guessing P would NOT have liked them ;)

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