Droid Friday

Okie-dokie time for another this is your life in droid pics Friday ;-)

Okay, so on my quest to find the best droid photo app I came across this little gem that unfortunately does not want to work with my phone. It was just released for droid last month, so we’ll see what happens. Constantly having to force close and loose pics is not my idea of fun. I’m not sure what the deal-io is, I contacted the company and they knew of the issue and said it would be fixed in the next upgrade…tick tick tick…I’m waiting…

I did manage to get 3 shots before the program finally farted out on me, boo :-(

First time with a paint brush, not too shabby…



I love me a close up…or two



mama needs coffee..mmm, Muddy Waters iced mocha, yum!



Saturday was for wandering, Waffle house (she always gets a VIP Princess hat!), the book store, Andolini’s Pizza (yum)…



Have you read these books? Hilarious! I want them all!

Andolini’s loves some gaudy Virgin Mart art


And why yes I have been busy, a few goodies for the Etsy shop. Check it out, click my link over there ——> you know you wanna ;-)



Vintage photo frames given new life


This is the way we wear our flops…



I think someone is having a growth spurt. I incur the wrath of a grumpy toddler if I try and wake her from a nap so that she’ll go to sleep before 10pm!



The freakishly large fly on our back porch, eekkk!



You may have seen this on my Twitter page…I’m still trying to figure Twitter out, by the way…my hipster photo assistant…



Fun times! So what did you do this week?

I’m linked up here and here. Happy Snapping!

;-) Anna-Leigh



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4 Responses to Droid Friday

  1. Dawn Camp says:

    I didn’t know about those hats at Waffle House! My kids think that’s the best mommy date ever. :)

  2. you know we still haven’t been to Andolini’s?

    You need a Twitter icon too! :)

  3. Andrea says:

    Retro camera … best photo app on the droid! Close to instantagram on iphone!

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