Oh my, she’s 2…{caution, photo heavy}

Well, two and a month if you want to get technical. I am behind yet again on things. But better late than never ;-)

It was a wonderful birthday commemorated with wonderful friends and family, and tons of fun!

My how my girl has grown…



So sweet, so spritely. The greatest and most sensitive personality ever. And the pig tails! Couldn’t you just die they’re so cute… ;-)



A beach loving, cat snuggling, music making fanatic…



And the girl loooves her pink Chucks!



The curls on this girl are so sweet, so bouncy. I’m sure one day soon she will hate them (I know I hated mine) but what a beauty…I know I’m biased, but come on ;-)




Quite a little nut head, always entertaining – all though I suppose that’s a pretty typical two year old. A non-stop chatterbox, and my-oh-my is she getting bossy!



Birthday parties…a parents chance to do it all again I suppose. You can drive yourself crazy to produce something memorable…I love it! I’m already thinking of next year…



Matter of fact, I think we’ll just have beach parties from now on…



Good friends, good times, great weather = Awesome memories!



And let us not forget the amazing birthday doughnut!



Our girl is two and an amazing two. She continues to amaze me daily with her mighty super sponge abilities. The things – words, phrases, ideas – she ¬†picks up blow my mind sometimes. Toddlers are like an ever changing science experiment. I’m loving it as I learn along the way too.

We love you sweet girl!


;-) Anna-Leigh

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