Hi, I’m Anna-Leigh and I’m a Pinterest addict…

…and I looove cupcakes, but then who doesn’t?

Who out there hasn’t heard of Pinterest by now? It is probably the single coolest site to house all your ideas, obsessions, wants, desires…and those projects you think you’re going to attempt ;-) It’s a wonderful resource for artists to find and save bits of inspiration. For mom’s to find cute clothing, toy, and learning ideas for the kiddos. And goodness knows, if you’re hungry it can be a dangerous place to be because recipes abound!

I love it. If Pinterest was a person I just might marry it ;-) After looking though my boards (why yes that is a link and yes you should check it out and follow me) I decided I needed to purge and refine. I know there are some things I might never attempt (maybe I have friends who will!) and things once tried I might get rid of (recipes are a biggie). So I’ve decided that I am going to post projects here as I finish them. My plan is to once a week, budget and time permitting, post something I have completed.

My food board needs some serious tidying up. I mean just look at the number of chicken recipes on there, good grief! I may tweak things here and there and let you know whether it worked out or not. And if you are so inclined feel free to check out my boards, try a project and let me know how it goes. I can only imagine my boards becoming more full and even multiply!

This week I decided to try out the cupcakes for two recipe. It’s from the How Sweet It Is blog. There are some fabulous recipes over there and, of course, wonderful photos.  I’m so jealous about that part, as any of you who have read past posts knows I have horrible, terrible lighting in my house. But I’m going to do my best to make it work :-) Practice makes perfect, right? And just so you know, in going to get the link for her site I pinned another recipe, broiled asiago heirloom tomatoes, hello yummers!

Initially I was going to make these for my mom for her birthday this past weekend. But we were kindly invited over to a friends for dinner and cake and 2 little cupcakes just weren’t going to cut it! So since someone in the house ate the last brownie last night, which clearly I should have gotten since I had a rough day…ahem…I decide to make these today…for me…and only me. Well, at least one is for me ;-)

Here’s a brief run through. Please, please, please click the links above for actual measures as I really want you to check out her site, and I’m lazy ;-) So in a nutshell…

Wet ingredients: egg white, milk, vanilla extract, butter



Dry ingredients: flour, baking powder, salt, sugar



Whisk the egg white and sugar, then mix in the butter and vanilla extract…I’m usually pretty generous with the vanilla stuff, so I don’t measure ;-)



Whisk in the dry ingredients



And because I was feeling a little frisky I decided to add a handful-ish amount of semi-sweet chocolate chips…



Mix well then scoop evenly into two cupcake wrappers

Looks yummy already, doesn’t it?



So disclaimer time…I says to myself, as I’m evenly scooping batter into the wrappers…

Self, this batter seems a little thick

As I put the tray into the oven (at 350 degrees, by the way) I spy the little bowl of milk I, not unlike myself, forgot to add to the recipe (after the dry ingredients, just so you know.)

This may be why I really sucked at doing word problems in school…must read the directions! Well I read them, but forgot that park from the time I walked from the computer to the kitchen, sigh…

Moving on, let’s see how it turns out. I did end up doubling the cooking time, I’m not sure if humidity or the age of my oven had anything to do with that. When I checked the cupcakes at 12 minutes they were totally uncooked on the inside, so I left them in for another 10minutes and voila!



Two perfectly lovely cupcakes!

Now these need a topping, of course. I do have a tub of icing in the cabinet but I’m not about to open that big ol’ thing to ice two little cakes. I decided to wing it – guessing I’d do better than following a recipe at this point – and mixed about a tablespoon of melted butter, powdered sugar (enough to thicken the mixture), the milk that was left out of the cupcakes, vanilla, and lemon juice. It was not a thick fluffy concoction by any means. I was actually remembering an icing recipe I use for cookies during the holidays, but couldn’t put my fingers on. I decided it needed a bit of color too, so I just added 2 drops of blue food coloring. Mixed well, put it in the fridge to thicken up a bit and again voila!



Just enough icing to make it pretty and special ;-)

I will say that leaving the milk out probably took away some moisture for the cake, but honestly I think they turned out great. Maybe a bit more like a muffin in texture. I don’t think anyone complained. This face just about says it all…

Oh yes!



And yes I did eat them both…with a little help of course ;-)

What ‘s new that you’ve tried lately?

;-) Anna-Leigh

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One Response to Hi, I’m Anna-Leigh and I’m a Pinterest addict…

  1. That is great!! They not only look yummy but the icing just makes the cake! ha ha!

    2 cupcakes though? Never even thought of that! Well I need more than 2…

    And you know me…My Name is Also Courtney and I’m a Pinterest Addict too!!

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