Droid Friday – The Scary Snake Edition

Some how I don’t feel like I used my phone camera all that much, but you can’t tell by the number of photos I just plowed though!

Welcome to Droid Friday where I post the pics I took with my phone over the week. I’ll link up below to a couple other really neato sites that do the same.


One of the grandma’s had a birthday this past weekend, so the wee one signed her b-day card…I’m not sure if anyone could actually read the card once she was finished with it…



…and then this is what happens when you leave a toddler and her daddy alone together with markers…



We finally made it out to the beach to play with friends…



pooped out from said play…



Then we were kindly invited over to a friends for a birthday dose of chicken parmesan and cupcakes…yummers!



mmm, bagels!



Finally broke out the play-doh this week…amazing how a smell can capture you’re memory, isn’t it?



Post library story time, and she’s still singing “a ram sam sam, a ram sam sam, a goolie goolie goolie and a ram sam sam” ;-)



I wake up to, Mommy? Good mornin’



The gratuitous closeup…



This is the face I get after half an hour of crying because Humpty Dumpty fell down and got a boo boo. No amount of reassurance would make her stop crying, what the heck!?

Looks kind of like zombie baby…



Totally entertaining herself with the new books her grandparents sent.






tiny bubbles….






Well, one more. As if life isn’t exciting enough I come home from grocery shopping this morning, arms full and kiddo at my side to find this…



Why yes that is a water moccasin hanging over my front door. EEGAD!! Fortunately our landlord was home and came out wielding a rather large machete, taking care of our little problem.


I still have the heebie jeebies :-(

How was your week? Happy Friday!

;-) Anna-Leigh

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3 Responses to Droid Friday – The Scary Snake Edition

  1. AAAAHHHH!! A snake above the door!! We saw one today at the pond but… Sceeery! Love all the beach, play doh and bagel fun of your week.

  2. Dawn Camp says:

    Water moccasin? Yikes!

  3. Fun photos! Well not the snake…

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