Droid Friday – Let’s Set Sail

It’s Friday, Friday! Droid Friday in these parts. Time to unload all those camera phone pics and see what went down this past week. Fun times! I’ll be linked up at the bottom to a couple other great sites,make sure to go check them out!

Ready, set, GO!

Okay, it’s August and it’s Charleston so I know it’s supposed to hot. But come on…

Mother Nature, haven’t we had enough?!?


What a life!



So I have a Holga, an awesome little plastic film camera that I got in college (before they became popular and cost $40). My girl loves to play with it. Well, I was paying her no mind, my first mistake, and realized she was digging inside the camera. I was too late when I discovered she had popped the spring that made the shutter work. DOH!!!

I was however able to perform a little CPR on my Holga and bring her back to life, yay me!



I see a Christmas present in our future…



Gratuitous closeup at the coffee shop…



A little dress up…



We scored this Barbie trike from someone else’s curbside mess. A little dirty, but it works great. Now our little bird only needs to grow about two inches taller and she can pedal herself!



Helping out with mom’s craft project…



I really wish that when someone wanted to give your kid a balloon they would ask a parent, not the kid. Just sayin’…



Oh, and another gratuitous closeup, because she’s so stinkin’ cute!



We did actually make it out of the house and down to the kids museum to meet some friends. Fun was had by all!



Daddy’s been working on a boat repair for several months now. And they launched it just this week, so we went out to the boat yard for a visit before it hit the water. Good job daddy and crew!




Barbie, “Help, I’ve fallen in the tub and I can’t get up!”



So how was your week?

;-) Anna-Leigh

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One Response to Droid Friday – Let’s Set Sail

  1. Great week! Who is that cutey little guy? hee hee…

    Totally agree about the balloons!!

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