Because It’s Sunday, and I Like It

Just a random pondering today…

Nothing is more enchanting to me than the live oaks that line many of the roads and dirt paths in our neck of the woods.

Spanish moss hangs lightly, ever so slightly moving with the breeze.

The smell of damp silty earth in the cool fall air.

I’m glad it finally feels like fall…

The above is a film scan…not the best in the world mind you. This was taken on our trip to Chechessee back in August with my little waist level viewfinder camera. I <3 it. It’s a shot of the little dirt road that leads to my childhood stomping ground…many memories are at the end of that road ;-)

I think I’m going to start shooting more film. I think it makes you think more when you’re shooting. A good project for quiet contemplation.

Other randomness…

I am massively behind on the 52 week project. I have to say following someone else’s prompts, especially the ones over the last few weeks, has left me less that motivated. Of course, it’s not like I don’t photograph things constantly. I guess I’m just not “stepping out of my box” so to speak. So I’ll be digging through the archives this week to see what neat-o things I may have photographed and not already shared.

Also, anybody out there want to come over and make my sewing machine behave? I’d be much further along in my Pinterest project completion if that dang thing would work right…grrr! Off I go to battle my Singer sewing machine one more time ;-)

;-) Anna-Leigh

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