Bat Girl Costume Part Three ~ The Cape

Now on to the grand finale of my little one’s Bat Girl costume – the cape!

I really wanted to make something that could be used for more than just a Halloween costume. My girl is getting to an age where pretend play is ramping up. One minute she’s a kangaroo, the next minute she’s Super Girl…that came about before the idea of her costume was even in the works, by the way ;-) So I decided I would make her cape double sided…insert toddler alter ego here…One side for Bat Girl and the other side with her initial.

My Halloween Pinterest board was again an huge source of ideas. Initially I wanted the cape to have the shape of bat wings on one side and to just be straight across the other side. As my previous sewing escapades will show you, my sewing skills just aren’t  up to that kind task…just yet! So both sides will be in bat formation.

I drew a pattern onto a brown paper bag, so that I could lay it on the fold of the satin I wanted to use (and already had), and hopefully have it symmetrical once I cut it out. The only measuring I really did consisted of me holding up the pattern to my girls back to see about how long it was…fortunately my eyeballed pattern worked just fine.

So I pinned the pattern onto the satin and tried my best to not stretch the fabric. It’s pretty slippery and again I was concerned with pulling the fabric and ending up with a wonky bat girl cape…nobody wants a wonky cape!

I trimmed around the pattern with my rotary cutter, and left about a 1/4 in. seam allowance.

Hindsight being what it is I should have probably ironed the fabric or tried to steam the wrinkles out and that might have made life a little easier, but I have no patience for ironing…I like to torture myself ;-)

Any who – lather, rinse, repeat for the second side of the cape. I let my girl pick out this color…I’m not sure where she came from, as I myself have never cared for the color pink, she on the other hand is all about the pink!

I thought it might be best to stitch the emblems on either side of the cape before sewing the two side together. We’ll start with the Bat Girl side. I again reach for my trusty bat template and cut out the size that seems to work best for my size cape. For the oval that the bat is on top of I made an oval in Photoshop and printed it until I got it large enough to fit the bat. I decided on pink felt to tie in with the pink on the reverse side of the cape. It looked a little something like this.

I just traced the oval with a pen and cut it out. I then cut the bat out of some scrap fabric that I had that I thought looked pretty snazzy (brocade, I think), and here you go…

I pinned the bat to the felt, then straight stitched around the bat with a light green DMC floss like such…

I then centered the bat in its oval on the black piece of fabric and pinned it in place. I used a lighter shade of pink thread (for a bit of contrast) to stitch around the edge of the oval like so…

Next for the Super Girl side. I again turned to Photoshop to make a template for the letter. Once I found a font I liked I printed it out (huge) , cut it out, and decided to use green felt to go along with the green bat.

I pinned the letter in place on the pink side and stitched (in white this time) all the way around the letter.


and TADA!!!

I now have the two sides complete. Now comes the test of my sewing skills.

Insert sexy sewing machine shot…

While I don’t have any super fab photos of my sewing machine in action, I’ll tell you how I put it all together.

I put the two side of the cape, right sides facing each other, and pinned the sides of the cape together. I then straight stitched on the machine both sides of the cape.

I then pinned the bottom of the cape together, and did my best to sew evenly around the edge so as not the loose the cuteness that is the bat wing ;-)

I then pinned the top portion of the cape with the intention of sewing ribbon onto either side to fasten around the neck. And to leave an opening that I would later use to turn the cape right side out , then slip stitch the opening…


Not only did I miss configure the ribbon – it wound up on the inside of the cape once I turned it right side out. But I also got so excited sewing it up that I didn’t leave any opening by which to turn the thing right side out…grr…

So I commenced to rip out a portion of the seam so that I could turn the cape right side out. Note to self – do not use the smallest stitch setting because if you have to rip it out it is a booger to do without ripping the fabric right along with it. As for the ribbons, I just cut them off and decided I would find another way to fasten the cape. It would have required more seam ripping to fix it and I didn’t want to destroy cape further.

Anyway, I managed to open up a hole in the neck seam, turn it right side out, and I just slip stitched the opening.

again, TADA!!

Technical difficulties aside I have to say that I think the cape turned out great…horn tooting inserted here! I swear anything I make these days is an adventure! But how else do we learn, right?

So I’m sure you want to see the costume in action, right?

Nana nana nana nanana, BAT GIRL!!!!!

That’s one pretty rockin’ super hero, if I do say so myself!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my adventures as a fledgling sewer. I hope that I didn’t frighten anyone off with my mad sewing skills! I hope my sewing machine skills will improve quickly as I have so many ideas for things to make for both me and my little Bat Girl! Mama just needs some more practice ;-)

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

;-) Anna-Leigh

p.s. check out my last two posts for the shirt and accessories tutorials ;-)

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6 Responses to Bat Girl Costume Part Three ~ The Cape

  1. Connie says:

    You did a great job Mommy. She is indeed a rocking super hero.

  2. Kerry says:

    Awesome! Cutest batgirl I have ever seen, and I know she will get years of use out of that cape! Heck, I may have to make one for Heather to wear!

  3. Absolutely adorable. You did awesome!!!! Love that cape. Ready for snaps on diapers yet? hee hee.

  4. Very cute work! Love your version of the costume.

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