You Know You Want to Laugh, I Won’t Be Offended

So I have this trailer…beast of burden…full of all kinds of old “junk.” As luck would have it, I came across one box that had nothing but old papers and loads of old photos. I’m certain the neighbors heard me when I can upon this little gem…

Now for those 4 or 5 of you that come here regularly ;-) You may recall this post from back in the spring…that is the same bonnet. Only I guess I neglected to fluff it as much as was intended, oh darn!

Let me continue with a few more for your amusement. Please, feel free to laugh. I totally lost it as I was looking through them myself…

Could the three of us be more thrilled?

HILARIOUS, I tell you!

Dear goodness, will my girl look back at her photos and cackle? I hope her reaction to my obsessive photo taking is one of happiness (that I wanted to remember it all), and not one of mortification. Although I’m sure those nakey potty photos might not rank high on the list of loved memories…but I’ll make sure to save those for her future husband ;-)

….that’s right…go ahead and laugh. I can hear the snickers from here ;-)

:-) Anna-Leigh


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4 Responses to You Know You Want to Laugh, I Won’t Be Offended

  1. ok, I’m giggling a little but really….LOVE! Precious.

    What, you don’t have any bonnets to pass down? :)

    • Anna-Leigh says:

      My girl has already been traumatized with the bonnet ;-) Some how I didn’t get it as fluffy as it was when I wore it though!

  2. Leslee says:

    I love your blog, Anna-Leigh. Lovely.

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