Embrace the Airplane

Well, not really the airplane, but the travel. I made my first solo trip with the kiddo to fly up and see her Papa and Gma Carol. The kid was quite the trooper and we fared much better than I anticipated. You know, traveling with a  two and a half year old can only mean you are up for an adventure or insane.

Why yes I would like one lump of insanity with my coffee, please and thank you ;-)

So Thursday’s are Embrace the Camera day…right now it needs to be unpack the luggage, clean the kitchen, and do the laundry day…but I’d much rather post a couple pics from our trip.

Of course, the best way for me to get in pics with girlie is like such…

Hold it out and click

Portable DVD players are the BOMB, by the way…

This was the first time my little bird has really meet her Papa, other than when she was about 10 weeks old…I’m pretty sure she doesn’t have much memory of that. It was a much needed break from the everyday. And I’m certain she had fun with the copious stuffed animal collection that awaited her.

And maybe not the most flattering pic ;-) but yet another hold out and click…

I do see a slight family resemblance…hehe…

So go out and Embrace the Camera, yo!

Your kiddos will thank you ;-)

;-) Anna-Leigh


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2 Responses to Embrace the Airplane

  1. Where is your hair?!! Soooo jealous!!! :) Are you lovin’ it?

    Happy you had a good time and Ruby got to spend time with Papa!

  2. Connie says:

    So glad you both got to go, I know they enjoyed you both. Thanks for sharing.

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