Droid Friday ~ Catching Up…Again ;-)

I didn’t realize it had been almost a month since I had posted any camera phone pics. I know all of my 5 followers have been missing those posts ;-) It’s amazing how time gets away from you, especially during the holidays.

So here’s a little ditty with some shots since out trip to CT a couple weeks ago. Grab a cuppa joe and a donut, sit back and enjoy!

Hanging out with daddy before take off…

Chillin’ on the plane with Itty Bitty Kitty, and her cloth diaper ;-)

Does anyone else find some of the items in the Skymall mag on planes just bizarre?

I would not have survived the airport had it not been for the help on the baby carrier I picked up just a few days before we left. I was able to carry my little one on my back, which let me get around pretty easily. This thing was awesome to have!

While waiting for one plane we witnessed a little girl have a tantrum, the likes of which left her (I assume) grandfather looking pretty helpless. Well, mine got the idea to throw a hissy of her own…

Monkey see, monkey do!

Just a couple of my cutie pie!

My girl loves music and loves to tinker with any instrument she can get her paws on. So occasionally my guitar makes it out of the case. She was even into it enough to sing a little ditty  ~ A B C’s

(clicking the link above will take you to my personal FB page with her singing…prepare to die from the cuteness ;-)

“I’m a ballerina!”

Of course I love all sorts of photography. While waiting one day in a Dr’s office I picked up a copy of Vogue (97% ads, mind you) and I was totally fascinated by the couture fashion photos. I don’t think I’ve looked at one of those mags in a decade or more…fashionista I am not. But I may start checking them out for inspiration. I mean, everyone should have a picture with light blowing out the back of their head…

Oh yes, and the bird….

Holiday Festival of Lights time! Bummed we missed the train ride…apparently we must get tickets when we first get there, then wait to ride.) But now we know.

If this were me at her age I probably would have run in the other direction!

And because I need another camera like a need a hole in my head, my man


got me a Diana F+ and a whole mess of film. Oh yes, mama is a happy kitty!

I hope you all had a wonderful Holiday, and have a great New Year! I don’t know that I will be following up with any resolutions, I’m not so sure I believe in all that, but one never knows around here. Maybe if I type it out for the world to see I will actually hold myself accountable ;-)

Here’s to a great New Year full of love, light, and whatever makes you warm and fuzzy. I send you all a virtual }}}}}}hug{{{{{{

;-) Anna-Leigh

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  1. Connie says:

    I have missed your phone photo’s!!!! Thanks for update. Happy New Year to my you all. Love….

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