DIY ~ Valentine’s Day Countdown Calender

When I was a little girl I remember having an advent calender at Christmas time to count down to the big day. I always thought they were bunches of fun. I couldn’t get my ideas together enough this past Christmas to make one for my girlie, so I thought it might be fun to make one for Valentine’s Day. Here is where those little heart containers that I mentioned in my post the other day come into play.

The whole project just sort of manifested itself as I looked online for ideas, and found objects in stores that looked useful. I wanted something reusable and multipurpose.

So let’s get started with the tray.

This part is easy peasy, all I did was pick up a 9×13 sheet pan from Walmart for a whole $.97, and spray painted it with some watermelon colored spray paint.

I must say I did not pick the best day to do this, as it was freakishly windy outside. But two coats of paint later we were looking watermelon-y ;-)

Next up I’m going to attach the little heart containers to the tray. I saw these cute little heart favor boxes at the Dollar Tree. They came 10 to a pack, so of course I had to get two to get 14 total, but I have extras, yay! Some were plain and others had cute little sayings on them. I also picked up some small magnets, and found some cute foam Valentine stickers that I thought might make useful embellishments. And who doesn’t like foam stickers anyway?

I applied one magnet to the back of each heart.

Next I added one of the larger sized heart shaped foam stickers to the top of each heart, minus the ones with cute sayings. I then wanted to number the hearts, my hand writing in gawd awful, so I dug out some cute number stickers to throw in the mix.

I placed the heart stickers onto the containers, then the numbers and voila…

And by now the tray is dry so I can give the magnets a test run…

For the goodies that go inside the hearts, I found some little inexpensive trinkets any 2.5 year old is bound to like…oh, and some chocolate kisses ;-)

I’m sure it was pretty entertaining watching me cram the toys into each little heart. I tried to put at least two things in each one.

I also decided to print out a little sign and taped it to the top/back of the tray. That way it’s easily removable and I can use the tray for something else…maybe some magnetic paper dolls? We shall see ;-)

Now that the hearts are stuffed and stuck to the tray, the finished product…

I managed to get this finished during nap time. So my girl was super excited to see it when she woke up. Witness the cuteness that is my kid and a chocolate attack!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my little project. We’re four days into February and the first thing my girl asks for in the morning is to open a heart…I don’t know what we’re going to do once Valentine’s Day is over ;-)

;-) Anna-Leigh

ps – please excuse if the color is wacky, I edited these images on my laptop, so I’m not so sure how accurate the color is just yet…just sayin’…

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8 Responses to DIY ~ Valentine’s Day Countdown Calender

  1. I love this idea! What a cute countdown.

  2. Connie says:

    Cool idea Mommy!

  3. Debbie says:

    I love this! My son loved the Advent calendar I made for Christmas. You can see my post on my blog.
    I wanted to do one for Valentine’s. I procrastinated. I might have to get the stuff on sale and do one for next year. Love Love Love this!!!!!

    • Anna-Leigh says:

      Thanks for stopping by! I checked out your Christmas Adent calender and that is a super cute idea. I may have to try that this year! And I love your Easter Egg topiary, so cute!

  4. L Olcomendy says:

    How about: St. Patrick’s countdown, Easter countdown, days til summer, days til birthday, days til 4th of July, etc. I think you could count down to lots of fun things. (days until Daddy’s birthday, days until Meemaw comes to visit…etc) Thanks for such a cute idea ! I think I might even have all the items on hand already !

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  6. Well no wonder this was chosen – How GREAT!

    you are so creative mama. Did you pin it? I am!

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