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Not much happening on the camera phone front for some reason this week. My man has been out of work the last couple weeks and has had the kiddo whenever I’ve needed to run out and handle things for my mom. So cute excursions with the wee one have been few. Valentine’s Day kind of came and went, as we had a dear friend pass away Monday. We weren’t in much of a mood to celebrate, although kiddo got some cool Valentine goodies, so she was a happy girl! That’s all that matters anyway ;-)

On a light note, my Valentine Countdown Calender was chosen as a feature on The Sunday Showcase with the Classified: Mom and Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas. This is the first time I’ve had a project of mine featured anywhere, so I was pretty excited!

On the Droid Friday! Here are a few shots from my phone from recent days. Grab a snack and sit back for some voyeuristic fun!

Killing time at a doctors appointment last week, I was perusing the holiday edition of Martha Stewart and came across this article for homemade ornaments. And I totally remember making these when I was little, styrofoam balls, tooth picks, glitter, and paint? I’m there! I’m totally going to have to make these for Christmas this year.

I also found a recipe for brussel sprouts that was a bit different. We gave it a try, and my-oh-my is it tasty! I highly recommend it if you like sprouts, or even if you don’t!

Hey, if you put enough cheese on something it’s got to be good, right?

When we go to visit my mom, we of course have to check out the birds that live at the rehab center. There is a cage near the dining hall that houses about eight finches. Cute little birds, my girl is fascinated by them. It probably helps that she gets to ride on Grammy’s lap as she rolls in the wheelchair to go see them ;-)

We’ve had a couple nasty weather days, so of course that is good “squishy thing” time…or play-doh time for those that aren’t familiar with squishies…

On today’s play food menu – shrimp!

Playtime with daddy…

Fixing stuff…

I did manage to knock a couple things off my Pinterest list this week (post to follow). One being salt dough ornaments…as much as my girl likes to play with play-doh, she does not like mixing dough with her hands. This lasted about ten seconds before she shivered and said, “Ewie, mama, I don’t like it!”

I hope your week is going well, and that your Valentine’s Day was grand!

Have a great weekend!

;-) Anna-Leigh

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One Response to Droid Friday – Around Here

  1. no other way to eat brussel sprouts right? :)

    I’m a tad late but Happy Vday!

    PS. love your shrimp.

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