Valentine Crafts ~ Pinterest Purge

It’s a week late, I suppose, but I thought share the few things I managed to complete from my Valentine Pinterest board.  The last week has a been a bit nutty, so I’m trying to play a little catch up.

Anywho, I’m going to do my best to link back to the original post/blog or wherever the Pinterest idea originated from, so as the person with the oh-so-fab idea gets their credit.

My girl is becoming increasingly interested in crafty activites, which I think is great for helping her fine motor skills. I don’t think she has any issues, but there is always more to learn. You may recall the image in last Friday’s post of her mixing dough with her hands? That was a salt dough recipe I was inspired to try from a very cool blog, Little Wonder Days. She does such great projects and I just love to look at her site, so pretty. Well, once little bitty recovered from the ickiness of hand mixing the dough ;-) she tested her skills with the cookie cutters. I decided we could do some Valentine themed ones and some that would be good for spring. The recipe makes a ton of ornaments, so I thought I’d put some away for backup boredom projects. I didn’t dye the dough because I wanted her to be able to paint them however she wanted.

Post painting…these went to Grammy to help spruce up her home away from home…

I love to receive flowers. That hardly happens around here anymore. I also love to give flowers. The unfortunate thing about giving or getting flowers is…well…they die. And who wants brown crunchy flowers hanging around?

I’ve seen several pins regarding paper flowers. And I have pinned a few. One I tried and it was a major fail…my girl got to attack it with her scissors – supervised, of course. My second attempt worked out smashingly. I wanted to make some flowers for my mom to have in her room that would last. I used this tutorial on how to make tissue paper flowers and had no problem at all.

I only used two sheets of tissue paper, then cut it into thirds once folded. So I managed to get three cute flowers from two sheets of paper, not too shabby! A sweet little bouquet that won’t turn brown!

I’m always trying to find ways to make cute greeting cards, or think of new ways I can send pictures to the grandparents and whom ever else I want to torture with cute photos of my kid :-) One of these days I’m going to start far enough ahead of a holiday that I will make a pop up card of some sort…I WILL do it! Until then I thought this cute little number would suffice. My little buttercup times three! This is a great use for those itty bitty cupcake wrappers.

Chessy? Why yes, we thrive on cheese in these parts!

So that’s three projects I can mark off my Pinterest to do list. Let’s see that leaves only…1748 more projects to go, doh!

What projects have you completed lately?

;-) Anna-Leigh



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  1. looks like you girls are having way to much fun over here… :)

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