The Simple Things – Spring

I love springtime in the lowcountry. The cool sea air is fleeting. More flowers than you can imagine begin to bloom, the perfumed blossoms fill the air.

Funny thing is, it’s not spring. It’s barely March! Azaleas shouldn’t bloom for another month. Yet there they are, blooming in my backyard. Japanese magnolias, Carolina jasmine, little buds everywhere. We’ve had virtually no winter…I fear the summer that’s coming, dear goodness!

We trekked to Charlestowne Landing last (frigid) weekend. This is apparently the site where settlers landed some 300 years ago and decided they loved the lowcountry enough to never leave.

We made our way to the “animal forest” where there was an assortment of critters that occupied the area back in the day. Bobcats, bison, black bears, pretty cool stuff. And my girl was totally in awe, and loves to look through the photos we took of the animals. She even snapped a few herself. (insert proud mama here) ;-)

Before we made it to the forest we came upon this tree that I thought was a crab apple tree, but after catching part of a show on PBS the other night, found out I was wrong. I cannot however begin to spell or correctly pronounce the name.

So I simply leave you with this…

A sweet, blush beauty, lightly scented, buzzing with bee life.

It’s a shame that the blossoms only last a short while. But I suppose it makes one appreciate the fleeting moments and freshness of spring. A sweet reminder once our blazing hot summer is in force.

;-) Anna-Leigh


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3 Responses to The Simple Things – Spring

  1. What a beautiful blush of spring! Thank you for a bright spot of color on another snowy day. :)

  2. rachel says:

    lovely capture! :)

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