There Are Rules

The Rule of Thirds in Photography Composition

It may be one of my favorite “rules” for photography. I think it makes your image so much more interesting.

There is a great explanation of it by Courtney at Click it Up a Notch. She also mentions here that when you shoot using the rule of thirds folks may comment – Wouldn’t the picture look better if it were centered?

I have heard this myself, both from family and clients, and to that I say, boring!

Here is my example of the rule of thirds…

The Rule of Thirds is your friend. And that’s not to say you can’t center an image and it be fabulous. But think about how much more interesting your images can be if you mix it up a bit. Go give it a try!

Click it Up a Notch and SITS are sponsoring a Pin-Tastic event aimed at improving photo skills for your blog, and learning how to use Pinterest to drive traffic to your little bit of bloggy space. I feel that I am constantly learning something new in photography, and I definitely find inspiration in those around me. I thought this might be a fun project to jump in on. So we’ll see how my commitment goes with this project…as my 52 week project last year only made it to about week 36-ish, doh!

So go out and shoot something…with your camera!

;-) Anna-Leigh


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One Response to There Are Rules

  1. I do like the thirds!

    I signed up for this challenge to learn a little bit and haven’t even clicked into one day. oh well.

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