By the light of the window

Natural light is awesome.

I cannot say it enough. It is your friend. In my home I don’t have many windows that offer great light. In fact, I have one window that offers decent light, and that is usually in the winter when the trees are bare and the sun is low in the sky. Then I have all sorts of light. As spring approaches I am loosing it…bummer…

When I think of some of my favorite shots utilizing the natural light I have here, I have one favorite that comes to mind. Just before my girl turned one I got a 50mm lens for my Canon and this was one of the first few shots I took with it. It is by no means perfectly in focus (that lens can be tricky), she has something that looks like sweet potatoes around her mouth. But I love her expression and I love the light…

My sweet little bitty, it’s hard to believe she is almost 3!

Remember, natural light is your friend…go find it!

;-) Anna-Leigh

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