Embrace the Family

I haven’t done an Embrace the Camera post in a while. And since I managed to make it into some photos without holding the camera out myself to take them, I thought I would post a couple.

This past weekend my brother and his family came for a visit. It was really great seeing them, I’ve missed them so. They moved to Japan last year because my SIL is in the Navy. So this was the first time we’ve been able to see them since they left.

And no, little bitty isn’t biting me in this next shot, she was giving kisses. But it definitely looks like she’s about to take off my nose!

Auntie just wants to eat you up!

Now a little cousin lovin’…

My girl has always been a little unsure of my brother. I’m not sure if it’s all the hair that throws her off, or if she can smell the fear he has for small children ;-) But even with the whole year that it’s been since she’s been in the same room with him, she did finally go to him for some hugs…

He does love her so, even if he’s not sure what to do with a little kiddo ;-)

And lastly, because my family is just awesome like that…

;-) Anna-Leigh

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2 Responses to Embrace the Family

  1. so fun! You and your brother look alike!! :)

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