Droid Friday – Spring Inspired Lacing Cards

Yes, I know it’s Saturday not Friday, I can’t seem to do anything on time these days. But I thought I would try something a little different. I snapped some project shots with my Droid, mainly because it was easy and available, as my phone is always by my side. So instead of a week in photos (been a while since I’ve done that), I give you a project in Droid photos ;-)

After painting the salt dough ornaments for our Easter tree the other day, we had some left over paint that I just couldn’t let go to waste. I’ve been wanting to make my girlie some lacing cards to work on fine motor skills…and patience…the latter of which she has none. So I thought I’d use up some of the paint for those. I dug through our recycle bin for some cardboard and found a couple pieces that I thought would work nicely. And I’ll torture you with some freehand springy themed painting….painter I am not.

The cardboard actually came out of a box of canned cat food and are maybe 5×7-ish in size.

I painted two layers of white craft paint on both sides of each piece of cardboard.

Now to show off my not so fabulous painting skills. With Easter on the brain, what better thing to paint than a Peep?

…or perhaps a pretty flower…

Now something that had not occurred to me until I started punching holes, was that my hole puncher’s depth is pretty shallow. I’m not sure whether they make them so that you can go further into the paper/cardboard, but I’m definitely going to look into it. I could only put holes about an inch into the cards, so I had some wacky hole placement because of it, but I think my girl got the general idea of the project.

I snagged a little bag of laces from the craft section at Walmart, all sorts of cool colors here…

I showed my girl how to work it, and she kept herself busy for a little while…

It turned into a family affair, as the wee one passed the Peep along to daddy who so kindly finished lacing the card for her…

I may eventually play catchup on Droid Friday. Clearly we’ve been project happy lately. It’s fun to try and get creative with the camera sometimes, even if it’s just my phone’s camera. I mean, who else would post a project looking like it was straight out of the 70′s?

How was your week?

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One Response to Droid Friday – Spring Inspired Lacing Cards

  1. love this! How creative are you? I’ve been so uncrafty lately. I need to do something!

    Are you making sure to Pin all your projects?

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