Our Little Firecracker

No, I have not fallen off the face of the Earth.

I have not been abducted by aliens.

I have not been taken under by a shark.

I have been distracted.

I have been busy.

And as of a couple weeks ago, I now have a three year old little firecracker…

She is fiesty.

She is sassy.

She is a total ham.

I am amazed daily by how quickly she picks up on things. The rate at which she learns is amazing! She is quite the little sponge…

Such a joy.

So much fun.

The journey has not been all moonlight and roses. There are still sleepless nights, tiny tantrums, and oh, the talking back!

I know someone else out there can relate?


I can say, I am one proud mama. I am one happy mama.

I am so glad that I am her mama <3

I’m getting my bloggy self back in gear. The ideas have been there, but the time, and quite frankly, motivation has been lacking on my part.

Between DIY-ing a good bit of my girl’s birthday party and getting ourselves together for our family vacation and camping adventure, we’ve been pretty busy around here. We’ve even managed to knock a few things off our Summer Bucket List! I may even add a few fun things, so we’ll see how it goes.

I have a some posts coming soon to show how I put together my girl’s Pirate Princess birthday party. It was lots of fun, and I hope to share a little inspiration with you!

So yup, I’m still here…and did I mention I now have a three year old?


;-) Anna-Leigh



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2 Responses to Our Little Firecracker

  1. Love your little 3yr old! :)

  2. Connie says:

    You fill her days with all kinds of activities and manage to keep that little 3 year old busy. I love you, your a terrific MOM and it shows in everything she does. I’ am glad your her Mama too!

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