Camping Adventure Day 2: Amusement Park and S’more Tasting

Sleeping under the stars is not for the faint of heart…or for the old and inflexible. I spent my first couple years of college in the northeast Georgia mountains, and we used to go camping pretty frequently. I know we didn’t exactly sleep like babies back then, but I don’t remember it being quite so rough!

I’m not certain how well we all slept that night. Luckily, we had gotten a small battery powered fan that cooled us slightly, and made a little white noise, so I think that helped a bit. I can speak personally and say I got a few hours in between cicada sirens and that strange and very early hour when the birds woke up and began their song. I crawled out of the tent around 5:30am and went to the bath house to shower, and hopefully wake my self up a bit.

Everyone else woke up shortly after. Our little one knew that our campground was by the beach, and you could see the beach and ocean on the way into the park. So when she woke up she was ready to go play in the ocean! First we had to have breakfast, so daddy whipped up some bacon, eggs and pancakes on the griddle. Once the vittles were down and our mess cleaned up, we made our way to the beach for a little bit of sandy fun. Fortunately for us, there was a bit of a breeze, so between that and out little sport-brella we didn’t have to worry too much about withering in the sun.

We made our exit shortly after a shark sighting cleared the water…a perfect time to go back and take nap! After naps I tried to avert a case of the grumps. The wee one and I went on a nature walk and wandered around the park looking for different leaves and critters along the way. We grabbed a couple leaves and once we got back to the campsite I showed her how to make leaf rubbings with some colored pencils and crayons…

If any of you are familiar with Myrtle Beach then you know there is a ton of stuff to do and see. When I was growing up there was an area called the Pavillion that no longer exists. I know my brother and I spent a ton of time there riding rides and seeing sites. Now there is a new boardwalk with a giant ferris wheel that is supposed to be lit up wonderfully at night. The plan was to drive up that way in the evening, when it was cooler, and check it all out.

We didn’t make it that far. We came upon another amusement park, and once our girl saw the ferris wheel and other rides…that was where our adventure ended! And our girl got to ride her first amusement park ride, The Big Apple! The three of us climbed inside and daddy worked his magic spinning us all over around, while I tried to take pictures…and not throw up. We wanted to ride the big ferris wheel, unfortunately our wee one is… well…a wee one and not big enough to ride. But not to be deterred, there was a mini version that she was big enough to ride. So she got to be a big girl and ride that one all by herself!

We made our way back to the campsite for dinner, and after a cool shower we got to work making s’mores! I think if it hadn’t been so hot, and we could have gotten the fire to be a bit bigger (hotter), s’more making might have been a bit easier. Regardless, it was yummy, and our little bird ate it up!

Please excuse the flashy-flashed out photo above…gotta make do in the dark!

Day two of our adventure is done, and minus a few moments of grumpiness post nap, it was a fun and pretty laid back day. Day three is our day to go home, but it won’t be without it’s own adventure. So stay tuned!

;-) Anna-Leigh


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3 Responses to Camping Adventure Day 2: Amusement Park and S’more Tasting

  1. Connie says:

    Looks like a good time for all and who does love smores

  2. A nap on the beach…how awesome.

    S’mores….so yum.

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