Camping Adventure Day 3: On the Way Home

Cleaning up a campsite has to be my least favorite thing to do. First off, it means your trip is over. Second, it means you have to repack the car and somehow your stuff has multiplied because ti never seems to repack as well as the first time you did it. No fun!

It also means that the end to some much needed family time has come. Time with my two most favorite people in the world is slim. And we had so much fun this weekend! Even though we’re packing up our stuff our adventure is not yet over! We decided to make another stop at Brookgreen Gardens since it was on our way out of town. When we were there a couple days before we noticed that they had a zoo and butterfly garden. We were certain that our little bird would love to check out the critters so the garden was again on our itinerary.

Myrtle Beach is full of these massive tourist oriented shops that sell towels, boogie boards -and just about any other beach oriented nic-nac you can think of. They are generally beaming with neon lights and obnoxious decorations from the outside, and it just so happened that when we were driving into town we passed one that had a massive shark on the outside, so of course we had to stop and take a picture.

Once we got to Brookgreen Garden, we discovered that the zoo was full of animals indigenous to the area. Most of the “residents” were animals that had been injured and were unable to return to the wild. Including one eagle that had been hit by a car and lost most of one wing. Our girl had fun checking out all the critters. I think we only covered a small portion of the zoo, as the path wound around back near the entrance, and there was a sign pointing to more animals. But we were hot and sweaty (like our clothes were soaked sweaty) and opted to detour back to the car which was near the butterfly garden.

The butterfly garden was so awesome! There were dozens of species of butterflies floating around. The volunteers gave us a chart of different species and if we found at least eight then our girl would get a special sticker.

We learned to watch where we were walking because the butterflies could be on the ground, they get minerals they need from the gravel on the paths. There were beautiful flowers for them to eat from and feeders with fruit as well. We were lucky enough to watch some newly hatched baby butterflies make there first flights. And our girl even got to hold a couple, she was so excited! The building that they were in was not air conditioned, and amounted to a large  greenhouse, so cool the air was not! But it was well worth the extra time, and sweat, to see our girls’ face light up when she got to hold a butterfly!

And just in case you think I was joking about the temperature, I got a shot of the gauge that was in one of the trees in the butterfly garden…I’d say it was pretty toasty, and that was around eleven o’clock in the morning!

All hotness aside, the time the three of us had together was great. Time out in nature with our girl was so much fun. And we have so many good memories!

Lessons learned – You can never have too many clean dry clothes to change into when it’s 100+ degrees outside…and you’re sweaty. It would have been helpful to have a broom to sweep out the tent. And after seeing other folks at the sites around us, there is no reason to not bring your own window air conditioner to keep your tent cool. There’s nothing like roughing it!

I did manage to get one shot of the three if us, so I leave you with this…

;-) Anna-Leigh

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3 Responses to Camping Adventure Day 3: On the Way Home

  1. connie says:

    A good time and great memories for you all.

  2. Bella says:

    It’s been a real delight enjoying your photographs!

  3. Hate when good things come to an end. Glad you got to enjoy Brookgreen. Haven’t made it there yet.

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