Summer Bucket List 2012: How Not to Fly a Kite

Over the next week or so I’ll be wrapping up our Summer Bucket List activities with a few overdue posts. We didn’t quite knock off everything on the list, but I think we made a pretty large dent in it! Fall is finally upon us here in the south, and I couldn’t be happier. I used to think that spring was my favorite time of year. But I have to say the coolness that comes with fall, and the break from what seems like eternal hotness is very welcome, and I look forward to it more each year.

That’s not to say summer doesn’t have its perks. Beach time, baseball games, fireworks, cookouts and camping. We saw some folks flying kites while we were on our family camping trip, our girl was immediately fascinated. It just so happened that not long after that World Market had some kites on sale, and they were beauties! I felt sure that one of those awesome butterfly or dragonfly kites would make great flying material. And if you take into account that they were supposedly made by kite experts somewhere in the far east, surely we were making the right kite buying choice.

Now, a conversation that I’ve had among friends regarding buying wine or beer based on how cool the label is…the more awesome the label artwork, the nastier the beverage, right? Well, our kite was something like that. All awesome in the package, but once ready to fly all it could muster was a nose dive!

We had tons of wind, plenty of running space and all sorts of love and want for our friend dragonfly to take flight…

Fly it did not…

But we tried and we learned and thoroughly entertained ourselves for a little while. And now dear dragonfly has a special spot, looking pretty on our bedroom wall…as a decoration…as it should be…

At least we can say we tried!

What have you tried lately?

;-) Anna-Leigh

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2 Responses to Summer Bucket List 2012: How Not to Fly a Kite

  1. well it definitely does look CUTE! Did you try again another day? Maybe it was the wind?

    • Anna-Leigh says:

      We didn’t try it again…so the dragonfly has a nice home on my bedroom wall ;-) I think the design was greatly flawed…but I’m not a kite maker so what do I know ;-)

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