Droid Friday: The Backyard Bucket List Edition

It’s been a while since I’ve done a Droid Friday post, but I figured that since a couple of our bucket list activities were shot with only my phone that it might be appropriate.

So grab a cuppa joe and a donut and sit back as I share our backyard bucket list activities!

I had hoped to turn our backyard into a mini water park over the summer. It was quite mini, as in one tiny pool and a water table mini. We do have another inflatable pool that the wee one and possibly two adults could fit in, but I couldn’t get any help getting the darn thing blown up, so in the laundry room it sits. While our water park was small, it produced quite a bit of fun!

Cloud watching was another activity on our list. After going through photos on my phone, I tend to think I might be slightly cloud obsessed, so I picked just a few of my favorites. I just find them beautiful and fascinating. We’ve had some wonderful sunsets lately with beautiful cloud formations. The funny thing about sunsets is I can’t see one without thinking about a college professor that broke our hearts by telling us all that beauty is just polluted particles in the air…bummer. But pretty nonetheless!

Most of these were taken from our yard/street, but the one below was from a little beach excursion the wee one and I took a couple weeks ago…

There’s just something that gets in my soul when I see a beautiful sunset. It definitely reaches some kind of happy spot in my brain…no filter on the next one…

If you follow me on Instragram (and you should ;-) I’m McClellandAM), you probably saw this one…this one will definitely get printed…

So there are two more things checked off our Summer Bucket List!

What kind of fun and awe inspiring things have you seen lately?

;-) Anna-Leigh


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2 Responses to Droid Friday: The Backyard Bucket List Edition

  1. Rose says:

    I love the last capture. Perfection! :o )

    Stopping by from instafriday…happy friday!

  2. Your mini waterpark was more than what we had which was nothing! Bad mom! Looks like she had fun no matter how small. :)

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