A Little Bit of Nature

If you have ever visited my blog it is clear that I love to photograph my daughter.

My muse, my love, my world, my beautiful little bird…of course I am biased.

But my love of the captured imaged started way before I had a youngin’. And sometimes it’s nice to branch out these days and photograph something, generally mundane, that I find extraordinary.

I’m a fan of a handful of photography blogs, and this month two are joining forces to challenge our minds, to help remind us to nurture our photography. Live and Love Out Loud and Bumbles & Light are offering a Nurture Photography Challenge over the next few weeks. So check them out to get the details, join in the fun, etc.

The prompt for this week is Green/Journey. It is definitely still green here in Charleston, with just the slightest hint of fall. I decided a few weeks ago to start training for a 5k race that is at the end October. This is definitely a new journey for me, as I am not a runner. But putting on my “fat pants” and realizing that they now fit…not a cool thing, but a very good motivator!

This image I snapped while out jogging a couple days ago…on my journey…

And Lord help me, I just paid the registration fee for the race so now I’m really committed!

Wish me luck!

;-) Anna-Leigh


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3 Responses to A Little Bit of Nature

  1. Connie says:

    5K it’s gonna be a breeze for you!

  2. Satakieli says:

    Oh wow, good luck for the 5K! I used to be a runner, when I was a teenager, but not anymore due to an injury. I’m so out of practice now!

    Thanks so much for taking part in the Nurture Photography Challenge! I hope you’ll join us again next week for the prompt Yellow/Light :)

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