Cinderella Pumpkin and Halloween Crafts

October was a good month for trying some of those oh-so-cute projects I’m constantly finding and pinning to my Pinterest boards. Fun little crafts and decorations were all over the web, so I’d like to share with you some of the Halloween crafts my girl and I created! From pumpkins, to bats, to ghosts, we made just about everything.

The Dollar Tree is one of mine and my girls’ ¬†favorite places to find inexpensive things to craft with. Just before Halloween we were browsing around and came upon skeleton garland. My girl grabs one off the rack and says, “Mommy, can we take these home and paint them?” Of course I said yes!

(Disclaimer – some of these photos might be a bit squirrelly (some cell pics, some not), but a girl’s got use whatever camera is handy! )

Okay, so here are the skeletons prior to my my girl’s awesome paint job…

Here’s the paint job in progress, anything goes!

Now we let them dry…

Now, the twine that these skeletons came with was really long. And I wanted to add something to it to fill in the gaps. I remembered making little ghosts out of tissue and cotton balls when I was younger, and I thought something like that would be perfect!

So here’s a bit of a close up of a finished skeleton…everything is better with a little glitter!

And now with the ghosts!

I also made another stab at some salt dough ornaments using the plethora of cookie cutters I have. My intention was to put up our Christmas tree (which is small and purple tinsel) and decorate for Halloween. Well the tree didn’t happen, but we sure did have fun decorating the ornaments! Maybe next year we’ll actually put up the tree.

Halloween isn’t complete without a bat or two! I followed a tutorial on making bats from recycled egg cartons. I understand why the original poster spray painted the bats. I used so much paint on just one of these little guys! But he’s super cute!

I’ve been hoarding jars for all sorts of projects and when I found this one for pumpkin jar lanterns, I knew I wanted to give it a try. I made a ghost and a pumpkin using shredded orange and white tissue paper (my girl loved the shredding part!). And finished them off with some Mod Podge glitter…

Insert a votive candle and voila!

Now for the pumpkin carving! We had gotten two larger pumpkins and four small ones for our carving adventure this year. Our little bird had already picked out a neat pumpkin decorating kit, and so I picked the smaller if the two big ones to use the kit.

She got a kick out of scooping the insides out of the pumpkin!

The kit had little transparent pegs that looked like golf tees. The idea is they were to be hammered into the pumpkin and when lite from the inside, would glow…

I think she had the most fun beating the pegs in…

Now, the light from inside showed up very faintly through the pegs, but it was cute nonetheless!

Up next is my Halloween pride and joy – the Cinderella Carriage!

Now I had seen a few variations on Pinterest, but definitely wanted to make it my own. So first off was the big job of cleaning out the monster pumpkin…

I wanted ours to be similar to the carriage our girl got to ride in for her birthday this year. So I carved out sections all the way around, and an “entryway.” I then spray painted it white, as well as four smaller pumpkins to make up the wheels. And to make it a little jazzy I glued some sequins all around.

And here you have it!

I was pretty proud of it, and our girl loved it!

Overall, October was a good crafting month for us. It was a very busy month in general, so I’m shocked we squeaked out as much as we did! I guess you could call these my sanity savers! ;-)

I guess now I can let Halloween go for the year…but it’s so hard when it’s our favorite holiday! I’ve got a few little projects in the works. I’ve had a couple on hold since my printer died. But I finally got a replacement and hope to be creating again soon! I’ve also been editing a friends wedding, and may share a few goodies from that.

Happy weekend to all!

;-) Anna-Leigh

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  1. gosh I am so behind on your blog. Can’t believe I haven’t seen Halloween pics.

    You girls are so crafty and fun. I think you need to come to my house and spread your ideas to us. :)

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