Droid Friday ~ The Princess Edition

I talk about how sassy my girl is, and I really am not sure where it comes from. I was not a girly girl, and that may have had something to do with having an older brother. I haven’t steered her to be prissy. But the girl loves some pink, and sparkle, and shiny, and and and…well, anything princess or faerie oriented.

I was looking through the photos on my phone and realized just how much time she spends in her princess dresses…it is obscene. Pretending to be a princess is serious business. I hope at the very least she will grow up poised, mannered, and classy…one can hope!

So, my princess in Droid pics…

This hat doesn’t make it out of the dress up closet very often, but it slays me anytime she decides to wear it.

Of course, the zombie princess…

This next one may seem a bit odd…and it is. We were walking down the street with a little neighbor friend one afternoon, and his granny saw this pellet gun hanging in a tree…totally random? Yes…it was rusted, and useless but the kids had fun with it.

Making life more interesting, my girl has taken to dressing as a princes when we go out…in public. She really likes to wear her dresses when we go to the laundry mat. On this particular day we wandered around the shopping center…

And of course she helped with the laundry…

The local children’s museum has a medieval castle room with costumes for pretend play. The princess costumes were way too big, but that didn’t stop my girl from wanting to be awakened with a kiss…

My little bird asks me to take pictures of the funnies things sometimes. We had her little princesses out, and built a castle with blocks so that they could go to the ball. “Mommy, take a picture of the ball!”

Looks like Cinderella lost her date!

This last one is not really princess related, I just love it. My girl has turned into quite the little ballerina <3

I really do get a kick out of going through my Droid photos. I have waaaay to many on my phone, but it makes for some good memories, and some good giggles!

What have you photographed lately?

;-) Anna-Leigh

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3 Responses to Droid Friday ~ The Princess Edition

  1. Connie says:

    Thanks Mommy for taking all these pictures! She makes me soooooo happy.

  2. My older daughter took to going out in a leapard unitard for a while…enjoy the phase!

  3. gosh I wish I had some princess loving children ;)

    cute pics!

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