I Love U Sew Much ~ Stitched Heart Card

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and I thought I would share a little card that we made for my man’s birthday last week that I thought would also make a great Valentine Card. This was a card the little one and I helped make together. It was a great lesson in coordination and patience for both of us!

We got our girl a Leap Pad for Christmas, and she loves the game where she gets to practice handwriting. She’s always wanting me to write down her messages on notes to daddy and grandma, so I thought I could turn this card into a fun learning tool.

To get started I cut out two hearts, one from white card stock, and one from a red folder I had laying around. The red heart I cut a little smaller than the white. I also gathered together a hole puncher, colored pencils, DMC floss (colors that my girl picked) and a plastic sewing needle (good for little hands).

I wrote the phrase “I Love U Sew Much” on the red heart with dashed lines using a white colored pencil, with the thought that my little bird could trace over them in her own writing later.

Next I punched holes around the red heart…

Next photo courtesy of my little assistant ;-)

I then, of course, realized my hole punch would not go far enough into the white heart for me to make holes with it. So I pulled out an awl I had from my printmaking days and used it to poke holes where I needed them, using the red heart as my guide…

Obviously I did that with lightening speed, as my hand is moving so fast you can hardly see it! (Again, my assistants work.)

Next I threaded the needle with the three colors my girl had chosen. I tied a knot at the end and started the threading, then let my girl take over…

Clearly, she gets her sewing speed from me ;-)

And this is where she had no patience, she managed two stitches then handed it over to me. So I finished the sewing of the two hearts together and tied it off on the backside.

Then it was time for her to practice her writing skills. I let her pick out a colored pencil, then turned her loose. She had some intense concentration here…

Shortly after, my proud girl!

Not too shabby, huh? I’d say she did a splendid job!

As I mentioned, we did this for daddy’s birthday, so we also wrote a happy birthday message on the back. Daddy was very proud and impressed! But I think this is great Valentine’s Day activity too!

So we’re gearing up for the lovely holiday around here. Have you made any Valentine crafts yet?

;-) Anna-Leigh

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8 Responses to I Love U Sew Much ~ Stitched Heart Card

  1. Connie says:

    I bet Daddy did love it!! I love it.

  2. Totally cute. My 6-yr-old will love making this. I pinned it!

  3. What a lovely card! Thanks for sharing at the Sunday Showcase.

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  5. Lovely idea. I’m sure he was chuffed.

    Just letting you know I featured it on The Sunday Showcase: http://www.herecomethegirlsblog.com/2013/01/26/the-sunday-showcase-valentines-fun.html

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