My Hectic Morning Made Easy with #DeliciousPairings from Starbucks and the Bakery at Walmart #Cbias

Generally speaking, mornings around here are easy going. My man gets up before the crack of dawn to go to work. The little one and I start to stir not long after the sun starts to rise, and my mom usually gets going shortly after that. Being that we are a multi-generational household, I do take my mother to all of her doctor appointments. I knew this week would be a busy one with some of her appointments being early (8:30 am with a 30 minute ride to get there). Getting me, my little and my mom going and out the door would take some doing. So I knew that having something easy for breakfast this week was a must!

I headed out last weekend to do some shopping at Walmart for this week, and decided to check out their bakery section for some quick morning goodies. I mean, who doesn’t love a muffin or pastry, right?

I found the self service display, and it was looking a little sparse. But I did notice a brightness on the horizon! On top of the self service cabinet was a Starbucks display. Now I love Starbucks coffee, but have never actually brewed it at home myself. I typically buy whatever coffee is on sale, or one that I have a coupon for. I love coffee, all kinds of coffee. I was due for some more to brew at home, so I decided to branch out and try something new. There were three different Starbucks varieties – a Blonde, Medium and Dark roast. The display did a great job of describing the Blonde roast – a lighter body, and mellow tasting. The display said it complimented citrus, milk chocolate and nut flavors. Who knew coffee could pair with food like wine? I never really had thought about it. But it sounds pretty good…

But I like my coffee like I like my men…strong ;-) Or at least as strong as Starbucks House (Medium) Blend. As soon as I grabbed the bag I could smell the goodness…have I mentioned I love coffee?

Next on the agenda was something tasty to go along with my new coffee! Something that was easy to grab on a busy morning while I get the household ready to go. I think maybe because I was there on the weekend, but the bakery shelves were just not as full as I had hoped. I did stumble upon some Banana Nut Muffins, and who doesn’t love those? Into the cart they went!

Well, as plans sometimes do fall apart, mine did and I didn’t wake up early enough on the  morning of the 8:30am appointment to get the coffee pot going and get myself fed. I did of course, manage to make something for my girl, and carried snacks with us. A must when you have small ones! But for myself, not so much. The appointment lasted over two hours, so by the time we got home we got home I was beyond famished and grumpy from not having my morning cup of coffee.

The first thing I did when we walked in the door was get my coffee pot going…

Even with my dinky old coffee pot I felt like a barista, because it smelled just like a Starbucks Cafe in my house. What a welcome smell to my tired, grumpy brain! My daughter was itching to get outside to her new swing set, so I quickly grabbed my cup of Starbucks House Blend coffee and a Banana Nut Muffin and made myself comfortable outside while she played.

My comfy chair, and long overdue breakfast!

Let me just tell you that that first sip of coffee made me entirely too happy.

The smell of it brewing should have been the clue, but until I tasted it I never really thought I could have cafe brewed coffee at home. It was smooth, not at all bitter, and a little nutty. Truly warm and lovely! And a welcome treat on my hectic morning.

Next up was the muffin. It didn’t stand a chance! Especially when my girl saw me munching on it. She had to have a bit too!

Now I love food, and I love wine, and we all know that if they aren’t paired properly it can be a flavor disaster in your mouth. Well coffee is no different, my friends! One bite of that banana nut muffin and the nutty notes in the coffee were singing. Like the two were made for each other. A moist muffin and warm coffee, yum! I think I may have just found my new favorite coffee for home brewing.

Having something quick to grab when I was way past my breakfast time once we got home was great and so convenient! And the day was much better once I was able to wind down, and wake up with quick #DeliciousPairings from Starbucks and the Walmart Bakery!

;-) Anna-Leigh

I am a member of the Collective Bias® Social Fabric® Community. This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias™. #cbias #SocialFabricAll opinions are 100% my own.

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5 Responses to My Hectic Morning Made Easy with #DeliciousPairings from Starbucks and the Bakery at Walmart #Cbias

  1. Jenna Wood says:

    Those muffins look delicious, and there’s nothing like indulging in Starbucks, fresh brewed, at home!

  2. Great job!! You two look mighty comfy out there, savoring all that extra time together :)

  3. Great post! Starbucks and a banana nut muffin sound perfect together!

  4. Yumm.. I love coffee, too and Starbucks is my fav.. I had no idea that Walmart sells the “blond” and that it pairs good with things..haha loved that. Ohh Banana Walnut Muffins sure are THE best… sounds like you had a pretty good day after you finally got your Starbucks in for the day. LOVED the pictures outside…and your daughter is too cute.

  5. Connie says:

    Makes me want to go get some Starbuks and muffins!! I love your posts and photo’s.

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