Little Garden Project – The Beginning

Since our daughter was born I have been quite slack in the gardening department. Most of my potted plants have died over the last few years. Just last Spring I managed to bring some cuttings back from the dead (after they had been rooting in jars for about a year). I did make one attempt about two springs ago, when my girl was just a toddler, to grow a few little flowers and even some strawberries.

The problem is the last few years have gotten so. stinking. hot. that by the time June comes I’m through with being outside. Between the heat that makes you sweat in places that just aren’t proper, and the bugs – chiggers, gnats, mosquitoes, Oh my! – I don’t want to go outside again until October, really. As I mentioned in this post, the kiddo has requested a full on garden…so I am going to oblige.

I’m trying my best to be frugal about it, starting from seeds and trying to buy as little gardening stuff as possible. I had previously found a site (and pinned it) that suggested using toilet paper/paper towel tubes to make seed starter pots. Genius!  Rather than purchase seed starter kits I decided to give these little recycled pots a try. And supposedly you can plant the whole thing in the ground as the tubes should break down…let’s hope.

This was a fun little project to do with my girl. She’s had to learn some serious patience waiting for seeds to sprout. All good things take time, right? Try and explain that to a tree year old!

So I gathered some paper tubes, scissors, dirt and an aluminum pan to hold it all…

I figured that I could get two pots from a toilet paper tube, and three pots from a paper towel tube. So I chopped up the tubes. I then cut slits in one end of each of the soon-to-be-pots…

Next, I folded the tabs in. They kind of fold in nicely on themselves…

Nine pots later, it was time to fill them with dirt!

I had purchased some organic seed starter from a home improvement store nearby. I poured a little bit into another pan to make it neater easy to scoop since we were inside, grabbed a couple spoons, and my girl and I started filling up the pots…

And just to prove it wasn’t all child labor, daddy took a couple photos…

Big cheese…

I had let our little bird pick out the seeds, so we started out planting just three different kinds of flower seeds – shasta daisies, chrysanthemums and delphiniums.

We sprinkled the little seeds on the dirt and buried them lightly. Then I labeled the pots so we would be able to remember what was what…

So we watered them, and we waited…

A couple weeks later and we have these…

I cannot tell you how excited out girl has been to see the sprouts spring up out of the soil. I have to admit I get pretty happy about it too. I just hope they keep growing!

Since planting these I’ve added more seed – tomatoes, bell peppers, cilantro, thyme, basil and lettuce. We have some other seeds, but from what I can read I need to sow those directly in the ground…we’re working on that project.

And with a couple coupons I was able to get this cute little butterfly garden kit from CVS that my girl had spotted one day when we were there.

Thus far, the butterfly garden has not disappointed. All the seeds have sprouted over the last week since we planted them (I was worried). And one set of seeds has grown more than two inches in the last 3 day! Crazy!

So the growing continues. I’ll keep you updated on our progress. I have to say that anytime I’ve started plants from seed I haven’t had much luck with the plants surviving. I’m keeping my fingers crossed I can keep them going!

What’s growing in your garden?

;-) Anna-Leigh

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  1. love this project! I totally need to do this too! The only plant I have living right now is the one you gave me. woot for me!

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