DIY ~ Mod Podge {Android} Phone Cover

Yup, I’m an outcast, weirdo…

Lover of an Android based phone, call me crazy, but I love my phone. Maybe a little too much. But I swear, if I didn’t have it and all the magical things it possesses, well, I’d be completely lost. Address book, calender, list maker, kiddie apps to keep the wee one occupied, and lets not forget the camera function ;-)

Of course, I need to protect my phone. You know how it is, drop it here, drop it there. Suddenly you have cracks and scratches, and oh what a mess. My last phone went flying out of the stroller as I jogged over a bump…cracked the screen, totally scratched up the rest of it. It wasn’t pretty.

Now, many of the mainstream photo product sites offer custom phone covers…iPhone covers that is. Leaving we little Android users in the cold. Forced to cover our talking utensils with the likes of Hello Kitty, and other swirly sparkly things. Not that I’m against that, because if you know me you know I’ve had a pink skull and bones sparkly cover for a while…hey, it was cheap!

Well, darn it, I wanted a custom cover! So what do I do? I make it by cracky! I ordered a clear plastic case from Amazon for just a few bucks a while back with this project in mind. You all know I have a photo issue, well that extends to photo booths too. We have been known to hop into a photo booth at the mall on one occasion or another. And on one of our last mall excursions we tried out one that prints the photos as stickers. Mildly impressive if the color had been working properly (somebody forgot to replace part of the C-M-Y.) Anyway, I digress…

I thought some of those photos would work great for this project, as we had extras. So here we go!

I gathered my photos, the case, Mod Podge, brush, and snazzy paper to put behind the photos. I also have a paper hoarding issue (hey scrapbook stuff can be expensive!)…I know I’m not alone here! At any rate, I went through my stash and found part of a gift bag that I wanted to use on this project (I previously had cut it up to use for scrapbooking)…

My case comes in two pieces, so I’ll be working right now on the bigger half. I trimmed up four of the images. Then I played around until I figured out where I wanted to put them. I ended up only using 3 of the 4 photos. And one I cut in half as you can see in the second image below…

I then started with the images I wanted in the corners. I put a light layer of Mod Podge and pressed the photos down hard to get the air bubbles out, and make sure they would stay put since that part of the case is slightly curved…

I then used more Mod Podge and affixed the rest of the photos.


Now I let this dry slightly while I did the next part.

My case happened to come with a little cardboard piece that resembled  my phone screen. It just happened to be the perfect template for me to use so that I could cut out the other snazzy piece of paper that I needed for the background. I traced around the fake phone, then gave a little extra room for the edges to go up the sides of the case…

Now that the photos have dried a bit, and I know they won’t slide around, I put a layer of Mod Podge all over the inside. I then do my best to center the background over the case, and press it in. I rub all round the inside to try and smooth all the air bubbles out. When pressing the paper into the corners I found it helpful to cut a slit in the paper so that the paper wouldn’t get all bunched up.

I then let this dry over night. The next day I trimmed the overhang around the edges, and cut away the holes where the flash and camera are.

I didn’t want to drive myself completely insane by trying to trim paper and make it fit inside the super curvy top part of the cover. So I opted to pull out my paint markers and just doodle a little with some matching colors.

I just made some little dots in lavender and blue, then let them dry. Then followed with a layer of green all over the inside.

Lastly, I thought it might be a good idea to apply a layer of Mod Podge to keep the paint from being rubbed off the inside. Then I let it dry for a while…

And the finished product


Now I will say it was a snug fit when I actually put the phone in the case for the first time. I ended up trimming the paper away around the inside corners. Depending on the thickness of the photo/paper or what ever you use on the inside of the case, you may or may not have an issue. My background paper used to be a gift bag, so that paper is pretty thick.

I’ve had the case on for a few days now and I have to say I’m very happy so far!

The case in action…

I hope you’ve enjoyed my little project! Now you too can create your own custom phone cover. I think I may just have to order a few more covers and make more to suit my mood!

;-) Anna-Leigh

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9 Responses to DIY ~ Mod Podge {Android} Phone Cover

  1. Connie says:

    Make it your own, great idea for any phone!

  2. oh my how fun are you? Pinning!

  3. ngnrdgrl says:

    I love it! I just got the Nexus 4 and ended up getting a green case with an android on it. <3 Android. I am always a little sad at the attention iPhone's get in the case department. But hey, I love my phone. Maybe next time I'll make a case! :O I love your case, btw!

    • Anna-Leigh says:

      Thanks! Other than drying over night it really didn’t take that long to make. And I’m much happier with this one, now that my sweeties are on there! I say go make it your own!

  4. Lauren says:

    So fun! What an awesome way to personalize your phone. Thank you for sharing at our Pinteresting Party!

  5. Christy says:

    What a cute idea! I’ve been looking for a new cover for my Droid but can’t find what I want online. I seriously never thought to just make it myself. I’m putting this on my list of projects. Thanks!

  6. Mel Lockcuff says:

    Oh, you know? I was just telling my husband tonight I’d love to find a phone case that I could somehow Mod Podge family photos to…. I love this! Hey, thanks for linking back to me too!:) Happy Valentine’s Day!

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