Epic Water Gun Fight Challenge #happyfamilysummer

Last week, those of us with blogs that are contributing to The Happy Family Movement’s Summer Bucket List Challenge were given an extra challenge, to go out and have an epic water gun with the family.

Well, we accepted that challenge and all came out winners in the end…even if our mascara was running and the undies were left in the pool (WHAA???!!)

Saturday our little girl had her first dance recital. It was too stinkin’ cute! And to wind down after a long anticipated day, we filled up the kiddie pool, brought out the water guns, and soaked ourselves silly. Grandma’s included!

Note for future fights – no white t-shirts, no squirting up the nose, and I must teach my man how to focus and shoot my camera (so please excuse any technical photo issues as I have not fully trained my assistant ;-) ). And as for the junk in the yard? My landlord has a love for junk…not much I can do about the aesthetics.

Other than that, please enjoy!

Water Gun Fight Begins

Grandmas Water Gun Action

The Other Grandma Get her Water Gun

The Water Gun Fight Crew

Yup, just a little mascara was left after the dance recital…

Please Excuse the Mascara

Mama gets her Water Gun

Water Gun Fight with Mama

Choose Your Water Weapon

And this…

Filling Up

Quickly turned into a fully clothed slide into the pool…

Relaxing after the Water Gun Fight

Water Gun Fight Face

And well, when you’re that wet and that little, you just pull off those soggy bottoms before you go inside ;-)

The Mess After the Fight

How’s that for a challenge?!

I’m certain that won’t be the only time the water guns come out this summer!

How’s your Summer Bucket List coming along?

;-) Anna-Leigh

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2 Responses to Epic Water Gun Fight Challenge #happyfamilysummer

  1. Connie says:

    To much FUN!!!

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