The Blue Background ~ Nurture Photography Challenge

Blue/Freedom ~ Nurture Photography Challenge

The day that my girl turned one was a busy day full of packing. We were leaving that afternoon when her daddy got home from work, traveling to Georgia for a family reunion. Now she did not travel well at all when she was tiny. Getting in a car with her usually meant lots of screaming and lots of tears, so long trips were few and far between. But we were going to brave it.

I had spent the morning making sour cream pound cake to take to to the reunion (I let the birthday girl lick the beaters). I let her open a few gifts and a card (or rather, tear them open).

Then as I was getting the last of our packing done, a piece of fabric on her dresser caught my eye. I had planned on making some cloth diapers for her (never happened, by the way) and had found this awesome two tone blue minky fabric. Super soft, super pretty…might it make a fun background for a photo? I tried it, and I love it. The fabric is really only big enough for a head shot. Trying to shoot a small person on a small background means you get to take lots of photos…most of which become out takes.

I love them all!

But I’ve photographed her every year, on her birthday in front of that fabric.

She turned four last week…


She has grown leaps and bounds this last year. I swear she’s going to be 14 before I know it. She’ll start school this fall. And you know who’s going to be in tears that first day, right? I guarantee it won’t be her ;-)

And now for some out takes…

Blue 3x4w

She is quite the character!

I’m joining in for the Nurture Photography Summer Challenge. Hop on over and check out some other inspiring images. You’ll be glad you did!

;-) Anna-Leigh


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6 Responses to The Blue Background ~ Nurture Photography Challenge

  1. Molly says:

    Oh my goodness those curls…. how amazingly beautiful


  2. Rebecca says:

    What a cutie she is! I felt the same way when I looked at photos of him from the start of school last year, they grow so quickly!

    Thanks for taking part in the Nurture Photography Challenge :)

  3. Such sweet photos! And you’re right, they do grow fast.

    Thanks for joining us in the Nurture Photography Challenge! I can’t wait to see what you come up with for our next theme: Gold/Evening.

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