My Green Thumb Has Died ~ The Little Garden That Didn’t

For the longest time I was relatively certain that I had been lucky enough to inherit a green thumb. I could grow just about anything.  Ficus? You betcha! Coffee plant? It grew to be almost 5 feet tall! Begonias, fuchsia, cactus, philodendron, orchids? All happy!

And then? Well I guess I could blame it on having a kid, or maybe it’s global warming rearing it’s ugly head. But I can’t keep a garden worth a toot!

I was so excited to start seeds and watch our lettuce and carrots grow! The thought of being able to step out back and grab a hand full of basil or cilantro was pretty awesome.  Fresh tomatoes and strawberries when ever we wanted sounded great!

Right…strawberries. Don’t they look great? lots of fruit growing here.

Strawberry Pots

They look lovely until you go to pick one…

Strawberry Before

Strawberry After


EWW!!! At first all I could see were centipedes crawling all around the plants and on the fruit. But eventually realized there were slugs helping themselves to the strawberry buffet.

My girl did spy one tiny strawberry that didn’t get eaten first by the slugs…

Yummy Strawberry

And let us not forget the toad making it’s home in one of the plants…

Strawberry Toad

That little booger scared the crap out of me when I was watering the plants one day. Jumped right out of it’s hole at me!

Bell pepper anyone?

Bad Bell Pepper

Yeah, I didn’t think so…

I tell you, one day the pepper plant was fine. About two days later it looked like that.

Lettuce, carrots and herbs?

Lettuce and Herbs

They look slightly happy here. But about a week (and then some) of rain and it’s all been pounded back into the dirt…no mas :-(

The tomatoes, I thought might have a chance…

Tomato Plants

But I suppose the rain got to those too. There were two very nice looking roma tomatoes…one of which rotted from the bottom up…I’m still hopeful for the second one.


On the bright side, the garden has made a lovely perch for some rather large and gnarly looking spider…GAH!


I zoomed in on that…didn’t want to get too close if you know what I mean!

Well, we tried! One strawberry and one tomato are better than nothing, I suppose ;-)

How does your garden grow?

;-) Anna-Leigh

Linked up to the Nurture Photography Challenge this week where the prompt is Green/Adventure.

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2 Responses to My Green Thumb Has Died ~ The Little Garden That Didn’t

  1. Connie says:

    Well we haven’t planted anything this year. We have all the fruit trees we would be glad to share with you.

  2. Your garden yielded way more than mine did, that’s for sure! None of my strawberry plants grew. At all. I was so sad. :(

    Thanks for joining us in the Nurture Photography Challenge! Can’t wait to see what you come up with for our new theme: Red/Treat. Have a great weekend.

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