Baseball, Cotton Candy and Fireworks ~ #happyfamilysummer

Nothing says summer like baseball, hot dogs and cotton candy! And not too long ago we got to experience all three! We are big fans of our local ball team, the Charleston Riverdogs. Every time we drive through the “crosstown” section of downtown near the Joe Riley Stadium, our girl says, “I see the Riverdogs’ home!”

We headed out on a warm Friday night, grabbed some food and the cheap seats and settled in for some fun!

Welcome to the Joe

The girls at the ball game

Taco Herbs

Hot dog and fries

If you ever have the chance to go to a Riverdogs game, the food line up alone should be enough to entice you. Taco bar, bacon wrapped corn dogs, more hot boiled peanuts than you can shake a stick it…Yummmmy!

Our girl got to visit all her favorite characters, the Pig, Chelsea and Charlie Riverdog.

Pig and Riverdogs

We did battle a bit of the grumps, but what’s new?

The Daily Grump

I usually try to keep sweets to a minimum, as the wee one goes a bit nutty. But we all managed to share a bag of cotton candy this night.

Let the sillies begin!

Cotton Candy

Daddy started it!

Cotton Candy girl

Blue tongues

Am I messy mommy

Oh my! What a mess!

Evenings spent at the Riverdogs’ stadium are not without beauty too. I mean, what a sky!

The Ball Field

Sunset Behind the Ball Field

The Riverdogs had their rears stomped that night. (11-2 in the 8th, ouch!) Not the best we’ve seen out of the team, but they won the rest of the series, and that’s what counts!

We got stomped

By now the wee one is pooped…

Someone is sleepy

So we make our way back out to the car before the mass exodus post game.

Do you know what else Friday night baseball means?


Oooh Fireworks

Post game fireworks

Oh what wonders!

Summertime with family, fun and fireworks, what more can you ask for?

Summer is coming quickly to an end. What have you marked off your bucket list?

;-) Anna-Leigh



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2 Responses to Baseball, Cotton Candy and Fireworks ~ #happyfamilysummer

  1. Connie says:

    Fun fun fun…..

  2. Looks like such a perfect night! Well, minus the little bit of grumpiness. That self-serve taco bar herb planter is so awesome! And did you say bacon wrapped corndogs? Oh my! :)

    Thank you so much for sharing these with us in the Nurture Photography Challenge! Have a great weekend. :)

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