Under the Sea Birthday Ideas

It seems like this year, my girl’s birthday kind of creept up on me. I’ve usually had ideas and projects in the works for a couple months prior. But I didn’t even send invites out this year until about two weeks before her party…What!?!

This year she wanted to have a mermaid themed party. It kind of turned into more of an “under the sea” theme. While I didn’t get as much done/made/accomplished as I might have liked decor wise, all the youngin’s had fun, and that is what’s important!

I did want to share a few things that we made (tutorials to follow) because really these projects are so fun for the little ones to help with! You can’t go wrong with paint and paper mache…unless your kid is like mine and won’t touch the stuff, but that’s another story ;-)

We had her party at the park again this year. (I swear I’m saving my pennies from now until next year so we can do something where it’s air conditioned!) Fortunately, it wasn’t too hot, and we snagged a spot near the spray and play where all the kids could get wet and stay cool.

Birthday Girl is ExcitedSomeone was excited!

Running in the fountain copyWhen I was making decorations, I started out with some paper mache fish

Blue Fish Rainbow Fish

And my girl quickly decided that I needed to make a mermaid too.

insert crickets

Uh, yeah, so I wracked my brain and raided the recycle bin and came up with this beauty.

Paper Mache Mermaid at Under the Sea Birthday Party

I know, no hands, but come on, I tried! ;-)

I had seen some cool jellyfish on Pinterest. So I came up with my own rendition…

Jellyfish for Under the Sea Birthday Party

We tied a clothes line between two trees near our tables and hung the fish and jellyfish from it

We also did a photobooth again this year. I’m not sure where I was during all the dressing up. But by the look of the pile of dress up stuff left on the ground, it looked like someone had fun!

Mustache Girl

This year for cake I did some plain vanilla cupcakes and some strawberry cupcakes. Both with a pretty light blue icing and sprinkles that our girl picked out. I topped them with little gummy fish.

My girl wanted me to make a mermaid cake like the one I made last year. I really couldn’t figure out a way to make it work with cupcakes. Noticing that we had a ridiculous amount of rice krispie cereal in the cabinet, I decided to make a “cake” shaped like a mermaid out of a giant rice krispie treat. I iced her up in the likeness of our girl and there you go! Not too shabby if I do say so myself…

The Birthday Mermaid

Fun was had by all!

Family Photos

I’ll be sharing our craft projects soon! So make sure you sign up to receive my posts in your email box!

What kind of birthday fun have you had lately?

;-) Anna-Leigh

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  1. Connie says:

    You did a great job ;-)

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  3. Courtney says:

    yes you did do a great job!

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