The Last Day, the First Day, and a Gift {Back to School Gift}

In wrapping up our Summer Bucket List, I mentioned that my girl started school.

My sweet little bird, baby squirrel, my doodle. (She’s going to kill me over those nicknames one day!)

I decided that the day before her first day of school, she could pick out what she wanted to do for the day. She decided that playing in the spray and play fountain (which was on the bucket list) and running around the park would be the best thing ever.

So here she goes…

We had the spray and play all to ourselves!

At the spray and playJumping and throwing shoes

(yes, her shoes are flying through the air!)

Looking through the water spray

Just a swingin Being goofy at the park

Climbing up the wall

Playing at the park head shot

And so the last day of summer vacation, as we’ve known it, is done.

And now onto the next chapter.

We have a little school girl! Sweet niblets, where did the time go?

Ready for the first day of school

She really was less than thrilled (if you couldn’t tell by her face) when I snapped that shot. She was nearly in tears all morning, and all I could do was try and jazz her up, and be excited…and try not to tear up myself…

Walking into school she was a little more confident…

Walking into school

She’s starting in a pilot Montessori program, which is proving to be quite an adventure…

Finding the cub for class Fogging up the lens

(Yes, she got close enough to fog up my lens!)

But it’s awesome, because her teacher is very welcoming, warm and caring. Which is great, because our girl burst into tears on the first day during lunch :-( Her teacher emailed me before the day was even over to let me know what happened, but that all was well.

When we picked her up on the first day she was pooped and slightly overwhelmed, but overall said she had a good day and made some new friends.

How was the first day

Let me just say, that the first week and half of school was rough. She cried before bed about going, she whined when she woke up in the morning about going. It didn’t help that after that first week she came down with a fever, then eventually strep throat :-(

As excited as she has been all summer to start school, I really thought the transition would be fairly easy. But leading up to that first day of school, I knew she might be a bit skittish. You know, being a mama’s girl and all…

A friend on Facebook had posted over the summer a photo of some mother/daughter bracelets and a poem, basically saying that by wearing the bracelets they were always together.  Being the sentimental girl I am (I am a Cancer after all), I thought it might be fun to find something special like that for my girl. I found something perfect on Etsy!

(Just FYI, I was not paid or compensated for this, I just really dig the dudes jewelry and customer service ;-) )

That morning of the first day of school I gave her two little boxes with our necklaces in them and a card. I made up a poem and printed it out to put inside the card (which was blank and had actually come with the gift from the seller).

I personalized the front of the card with some stickers…

Good Luck Card

Then trimmed the poem and used stickers to mount it to the inside of the card…

The Squirrel Poem

She was very excited to have her own special piece of jewelry!

And let me just tell you that getting a photo of the two of us where you can see the necklaces has been impossible. But they are so cute! Here are the mama and baby squirrel…

Mama Squirrel NecklaceBaby Squirrel NecklaceMama and Baby Squirrel NecklaceI truly think having the necklace near helped her those first few days. ¬†And I’d be lying if I didn’t say that it helped me too ;-)

Growing up is hard, but I think watching your little’s grow up is harder.

Slowly we’ve settled into a routine, and the school days are getting easier. Now she’s excited to see what the new school day will bring…all the while, counting down how many days she has until the weekend! I suppose we’ll have many more years of that!

So tell me, how has this school year been for you so far?

;-) Anna-Leigh

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5 Responses to The Last Day, the First Day, and a Gift {Back to School Gift}

  1. Connie says:

    You are a terrific MOM!!

  2. melody says:

    So glad to hear that the school days are slowly getting easier for both of you. I absolutely LOVE the necklaces you had made. So, so sweet. It reminds me of the book The Kissing Hand, which I’m pretty sure would be perfect for you two.

  3. Daina says:

    That water park looks amazing! We are always searching for new parks in New York City to take my boyfriend’s daughter to, but rarely (if ever) do we have the place to ourselves! Congrats on starting the school year!

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