After School Play and Snacks #LunchablesJrTeam

Disclaimer – I was given free samples of this product via Crowdtap and Lunchables to share. All opinions are 100% my own.

When you have a small child and are on the go a lot, it’s helpful to have a variety of snacks in your arsenal and ready to go. I had the opportunity to try a new snack product that is now on the market. I was sent some samples from the new Lunchables Jr. line of snacks to try and share with a friend. Hey, any excuse for a play date!

One day after school we got together with a friend to play, blow off some steam, and try some new yummy treats!

Sit n Spin #LunchablesJrTeam #shop

It wasn’t long before they were hungry and wanting something to munch on.

Mom to the rescue!

Lunchables Snacks #LunchablesJrTeam #shop

I have to tell you, the Teddy Bear Picnic pack went pretty quickly! I mean, who wouldn’t like to dunk a yummy sweet graham bear into peanut butter? The Cheez-its and mini Nilla wafers were a big hit in the Blueberry Bonanza pack!

Friends share some playtime and #LunchablesJrTeam snacks #shop

And of course, we all know food isn’t fun unless you can play with it, right?

I think the girls were impressed with my art skills ;-)

Smiley Face Snack #LunchablesJrTeam #shopAnd a play date isn’t complete without a game.

Tic-tac-toe anyone?

Tic Tac Toe #LunchablesJrTeam #shopEveryone is a winner here!

I think the consensus was the snacks were quite tasty. The only thing my girl didn’t like was the blueberry flavored dried apple bits. She said they were a bit too sweet. But then, she can be funny about sweet stuff. ;-)

By the end of the play date, nearly everything was gone!

All gone #LunchablesJrTeam #shop

Give a kid a cookie and they are a happy camper!

What have your little ones snacked on lately?

;-) Anna-Leigh

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