Who I Am

I am a mom, a partner, a daughter and a sister.  I am a photographer, an artist, a preservationist and keeper of time.

I live in beautiful Charleston, SC, and have for a little over ten years. My long time love and I share the joy of raising a spritely toddler. We have a multi-generational home that we share with my mom…oh and we have 1 fat silly cat ;-)

I love all things crafty and artsy. Give me any kind of camera and I’m a happy kitten! Preserving memories by photograph or by keeping little trinkets on display is my simple joy.  I hope to share my projects with you!

As for the name, combining the love for my camera and the artful raising of my kiddo in this blog was an easy idea. I also wanted it to be a place for me to see things in life on the brighter and more creative note. Think of the phrase “looking at the world through rose colored glasses.”

One camera + one sweet toddler (Ruby) = My Lens Is Ruby Red

So please join me on my adventures as mama and artist! We all must learn together!


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